Geospatial Mapping

One of the key areas of EarthOnDrive service provision is mapping and monitoring tasks carried out entirely or partially using earth observation and/or other types of geospatial data. The information extraction and derivation technologies range from visual interpretation of pre-processed and spectrally/texturally enhanced raster information using ancillary data layers and calibration information to automated or semi-automated feature extraction workflows.
A particular strength of EarthOnDrive is the wide thematic data extraction and derivation experience, which includes the obtaining of data for applications in the fields of natural resources, infrastructure, land cover and land use, as well as all types of planning relevant information. EarthOnDrive mapping projects typically cover large areas and thereby benefit to the maximum from the use of satellite information.
EarthOnDrive mapping experts possess vast project experience - including a profound understanding of what customers expect. The service quality is outstanding in terms of precision and quality, and places considerable emphasis on consistency and adherence to standards where applicable.