Image Mosaics

Many applications require the coverage of very large areas with a continuous and homogeneous image product. Besides precise orthorectification, the mosaicking process has to be done with great care to guarantee the homogeneity of colour information and hiding the scene edges in the image product. Coverages can be achieved in many cases with a single sensor source, when the acceptable time-frame for new image acquisitions or archive data to be used is large enough.
EarthOnDrive's experience in the production of single source mosaics covers a lot of different projects and systems, including the generation of country-wide mosaics, as available in the GeoData Store. Sometimes, complete coverage of an area is required in a narrow time-frame and at a very high resolution. In most of these cases, the use of multi-source VHR imagery is the only way to achieve this goal shorter time frames. EarthOnDrive has developed dedicated procedures and workflows to create continuous mosaics, as homogeneous as possible, from many different sources.
The use of semi-automated procedures with manual expert input (where necessary) helps to ensure the high quality standard, which is recognised to be characteristic for all EarthOnDrive products. All mosaics can be delivered in projections, formats and tiling schemes according to the specific customer requirements.