3D Visualizations


Digital Elevation Models and 3D Features for Digital City Models can be extracted by EarthOnDrive from a variety of remote sensing sources. 3D feature data and photo-realistic 3D visualisations of the terrain are of increasing importance to a variety of application fields, including tourism, media, defense and security, regional planning and telecommunication.
For many years EarthOnDrive has served these fields with stunning 3D views, customised animations and fully interactive 3D fly-throughs, by combining earth observation imagery, vector data and digital elevation models to create virtual environments. Based on the variety of sources available through EarthOnDrive's GeoDataBase, photo-realistic 3D worlds can be created and enriched by high resolution imagery, building models, land use information and ancillary data.
A special focus of EarthOnDrive's 3D activities is dedicated to the use of the Indian IRS satellite fleet. IRS-P5 Cartosat-1 stereo data and IRS-P6 Resources at-1 colour imagery can be combined to create cost-effective 3D worlds.