IKONOS Satellite Sensor (0.82m) - Decommissioned

The IKONOS satellite sensor was successfully launched as the first commercially available high resolution satellite sensor on September 24, 1999 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA.

The IKONOS satellite sensor is a high-resolution satellite operated by DigitalGlobe. Its capabilities include capturing a 3.2m multispectral, Near-Infrared (NIR) 0.82m panchromatic resolution at nadir. Its applications include both urban and rural mapping of natural resources and of natural disasters, tax mapping, agriculture and forestry analysis, mining, engineering, construction, and change detection. It can yield relevant data for nearly all aspects of environmental study. IKONOS images have also been procured by Satellite Imaging Corporation for use in the media and motion picture industries, providing aerial views and satellite photos for many areas around the world. Its high resolution data makes an integral contribution to homeland security, coastal monitoring and facilitates 3D Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).

IKONOS Satellite Sensor Status Update

On January 22, 2015 DigitalGlobe announced that during recent maintenance activities, DigitalGlobe attempted to resolve an irregularity in the accuracy of imagery collected by the IKONOS satellite sensor. After extensive testing, DigitalGlobe haas determined that the accuracy of IKONOS imagery does not meet DigitalGlobe’s product quality specifications, and subsequently, the established A3C (Accuracy, Currency, Completeness, and Consistency) quality standards. DigitalGlobe will not accept new IKONOS tasking orders.

IKONOS Satellite Sensor Characteristics

Launch Date 24 September 1999 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA
Operational Life Over 7 years
Orbit 98.1 degree, sun synchronous
Speed on Orbit 7.5 kilometers per second
Speed Over the Ground 6.8 kilometers per second
Revolutions Around the Earth 14.7, every 24 hours
Altitude 681 kilometers
Resolution at Nadir 0.82 meters panchromatic; 3.28 meters multispectral
Resolution 26° Off-Nadir 1.0 meter panchromatic; 4.0 meters multispectral
Image Swath 11.3 kilometers at nadir; 13.8 kilometers at 26° off-nadir
Equator Crossing Time Nominally 10:30 AM solar time
Revisit Time Approximately 3 days at 40° latitude
Dynamic Range 11-bits per pixel
Image Bands Panchromatic, blue, green, red, near IR

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