WorldView-4 Satellite Sensor (0.31m)

WorldView-4 satellite was successfully launched on Friday, November 11, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. PST from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 is capable of discerning objects on the Earth's surface as small as 31cm in the panchromatic and will collect 4-band multispectral at 1.24-meter resolution. WorldView-4 will have similar resolution as the WorldView-3 satellite sensor. This advanced resolution will offer customers unprecedented, precise views for 2D or 3D mapping, change detection and image analysis.

WorldView-4 satellite offers exceptional geolocation accuracy, which means that customers will be able to map natural and man-made features to better than <4 meter CE90 of their actual location on the Earth’s surface without ground control points.

WorldView-4 will be flying at an altitude of 617 km (383 miles) and will be able to “revisit” any point on the globe every 4.5 days or sooner, depending upon the required look angle. The altitude could be revised before launch to utilize the recently obtained permission to acquire and deliver 0.25m resolution imagery.

WorldView-4 customers will have a choice of ordering BASIC (satellite projection), Geo (geometrically corrected), GeoProfessional (terrain corrected or ortho-rectified), or GeoStereo (stereo pair) products, as well as imagery-derived products, including digital elevation models (DEMs),digital surface models (DSMs), large-area mosaics and feature maps.

WorldView-4 Satellite Sensor Specifications


Altitude: 617 km
Type: SunSync, 10:30 am descending Node
Period: 97 min.


Estimated Service Life: 10 to 12 years

Spacecraft Size
and Aperture

Size: 5.3 m (17.7 ft) tall x 2.5 m (8 ft) across
7.9 m (26 ft) across deployed solar arrays
Aperture: 1.1m

Sensor Bands

Panchromatic: 450 - 800 nm
4 Multispectral:
Red:655 - 690 nm
Green:510 - 580 nm
Blue:450 - 510 nm
Near-IR:780 - 920 nm

Sensor Resolution
(GSD, Ground Sample
Distance, geometric mean)

Panchromatic Nadir:0.31 m
20° Off-Nadir:0.34 m
56° Off-Nadir:1.00 m
65° (earth limb):3.51 m
Multispectral Nadir:1.24 m
20° Off-Nadir:1.38 m
56° Off-Nadir:4.00 m
65° (earth limb):14.00 m

Dynamic Range

11-bits per pixel

Swath Width

At nadir: 13.1 km

Attitude Determination
and Control

Type: 3-axis Stabilized
Actuators: Control Moment Gyros (CMGs)
Sensors: Star trackers, precision IRU, GPS

Retargeting Agility

Time to Slew 200 km: 10.6 sec

Onboard Storage

3200 Gb solid state with EDAC


Image & Ancillary Data: 800 Mbps X-band
Housekeeping: 120 kbps real time, X-band
Command: 64 kbps S-band

Max Contiguous Area
Collected in a Single Pass
(30° off-nadir angle)

Mono: 66.5 km x 112 km (5 strips)
Stereo: 26.6 km x 112 km (2 pairs)

Revisit Frequency
(at 40°N Latitude)

1 m GSD: < 1.0 day
Total constellation >4.5 accesses/day

Geolocation Accuracy (CE90)

Predicted <4 m CE90 without ground control


680,000 km² per day

WorldView4 Sample Image

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