SkySat-2 Satellite Sensor (0.9m)

SkySat-2 is the second commercial satellite by Skybox Imaging will collect panchromatic and multispectral high resolution satellite imagery.

SkySat-2 satellite is a twin to SkySat-1.

The satellite was launched on July 8, 2014 from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Its twin satellite SkySat-1 was launched November 13, 2013.

SkySat-2 Satellite Sensor Specifications

Satellite Operator SkyBox Imaging, USA
Launch Date July 8, 2014
Launch Site Baikonur, Kazakhstan
Manufacturer SkyBox Imaging, USA
Orbit height 450 km
State Standby
Satellite Info

Images are delivered with panchromatic, multispectral and pansharpened data. Videos are full motion black and white 30 frames per second, duration up to 90 seconds, field of view 2 km by 1.1 km, resolution 1.1 m.



Data Type Optical
Sensor Type Multispectral
Resolution (m) 2.0
No. of Bands 4
Scene Width 8
Programmable Yes
Stereo No
Spectral Bands Band Width [?m] Band width to [?m] Maximal resolution [m]
Blue 0.450 0.515 2.0
Green 0.515 0.595 2.0
Red 0.605 0.695 2.0
Near Infra-Red 0.740 0.900 2.0
Data Type Optical
Sensor Type Panchromatic
Resolution (m) 1.1
No. of Bands 1
Scene Width 2
Programmable Yes
Stereo No
Spectral Bands Code Maximal resolution [m]
Video PAN 1.1

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