SPOT-6 Satellite Sensor (1.5m)

SPOT-6 satellite sensor built by AIRBUS Defence & Space was successfully launched on September 9, 2012 by a PSLV launcher from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in India.

SPOT-6 satellite joined the Pleiades Constellation and later SPOT-7 in 2014 after proposed launch.

SPOT-6 is an optical imaging satellite capable of imaging the Earth with a resolution of 1.5 meter panchromatic and 6 meter multispectral (blue, green, red, near-IR) and will offer imaging products to customers in defense, agriculture, deforestation, environmental monitoring, coastal surveillance, engineering, oil, gas and mining industries.

SPOT-6 satellite and SPOT-7 will ensure service continuity of SPOT- 4 and SPOT-5 satellites, which have been operating since 1998 and 2002. Moreover, both ground and space segments have been designed for improved performances compared to previous SPOT missions, especially in term of reactivity from satellite tasking to product delivery and collection capacity. The constellation SPOT-6 and SPOT-7 will actually provide a daily revisit everywhere on Earth with a total coverage of 6 million km² per day. SPOT-6 and 7 will have a service life of 10 years.

SPOT-6 Satellite Sensor Specifications

Launch Date September 9, 2012
Launch Vehicle PSLV
Launch Location Satish Dhawan Space Center (India)
Multispectral Imagery (4 bands) Blue (0.455 µm – 0.525 µm)
Green (0.530 µm – 0.590 µm)
Red (0.625 µm – 0.695 µm)
Near-Infrared (0.760 µm – 0.890 µm)
Resolution (GSD) Panchromatic - 1.5m
Multispectral - 6.0m (B,G,R,NIR)
Imaging Swath 60 Km at Nadir

Automatic ortho image with location accuracy of 10m CE90 using Reference3D
120 Km x 120 Km bi-strip or 60 Km x 180 Km tri-strip mapping in a single pass and delivery of mosaic
Stereo and tri-stereo acquisition of 60 Km x 60 Km scenes for production of DEM
6 tasking plans per day
Several weather forecasts per day to optimize tasking
Each tasking plan covers 24 hours
Up to 750 scenes per day per satellite

The Pearl  Doha, Qatar

The Dead Sea  Jordan Rift Valley

Bora Bora  French Polynesia

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