TH-01 Satellite Sensor (2m)

TH-01 Constellation can collect 2m panchromatic, 10m multispectral and 5m triplet stereo (Back-Nadir-Forward) and supports applications for 3D terrain mapping and production of 10m DSM/DEM and DTM elevation models and contours to support engineering, surveying and mapping projects.

TH-01 Satellite Sensor Specifications


TH-01 ( 3 satellites constellation)

Launch Date Aug. 24 2010; May 6 2012; Oct. 26 2015
Mission Life 3 Years
Weight 1000kg
Orbit Altitude 500km
Strip Width (Nadir) 60km
Pan Resolution 2m
Multi-Spectral Resolution 10m
Multi-Spectral Wavelength 0.43um~0.52um Blue
0.52um~0.61um Green
0.61um~0.69um Red
0.76um~0.90um NIR
Triplet Stereo Resolution 5m
Triplet Stereo Wavelength 0.51um~0.69um
Orbit Period 58 days
Revisit Time 5 days
Orbit Sun Synchronous

Hannover, Germany

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