RapidEye Satellite Sensor (5m)

RapidEye satellite sensor was successfully launched from the DNEPR-1 Rocket on August 29th, 2008 at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. RapidEye built by MacDonald Dettwiler, Ltd. (MDA) will offer image users a data source containing an unrivaled combination of large-area coverage, frequent revisit intervals, high resolution and multispectral capabilities.

The RapidEye constellation of five satellites stands apart from other providers of satellite based geospatial information in their unique ability to acquire high resolution, large-area image data on a daily basis.

RapidEye's imaging capabilities can be applied to a host of industries, including agriculture, forestry, oil and gas exploration, power and engineering and construction, governments, cartography and mining.

The RapidEye system collects an unprecedented 4 million square kilometers of data per day at 6.5 meter nominal ground resolution. Each satellite measures less than one cubic meter and weighs 150 kg (bus + payload), and has been designed for at least a seven-year mission life. All five satellites are equipped with identical sensors and are located in the same orbital plane. BlackBridge satellites include the Red-Edge band, which is sensitive to changes in chlorophyll content.

RapidEye Satellite Sensor Specifications

Number of Satellites 5
Spacecraft Lifetime 7 years
Orbit Altitude 630 km in Sun-synchronous orbit
Equator Crossing Time 11:00 am local time (approximately)
Sensor Type Multi-spectral push broom imager
Spectral Bands Capable of capturing any of the following spectral bands:
Type Wavelength (nm)
Blue 440 - 510
Green 520 - 590
Red 630 - 685
Red Edge 690 - 730
NIR 760 - 850
Ground sampling distance (nadir) 6.5 m
Pixel size (orthorectified) 5 m
Swath Width 77 km
On board data storage 1500 km of image data per orbit
Revisit time Daily (off-nadir) / 5.5 days (at nadir)
Image capture capacity 4 million sq km/day
Dynamic Range 12 bit

Burghausen  Germany

Oahu  Hawaii

NVDI Index  Kuwait

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