Here you can view the variety of project work we have been involved in, which ranges from the origination of 3D Terrain Visualizations of the Tour de France 1999-2013, on through to supplying data for multiple international organizations using our software WavGen Pro for their geospatial needs. We INVENTED 3D Terrain Visualization in the early nineties, and we have supplied others with the ability to perform these very high end VFX animations.

3D Terrain Visualization

Our credits in the large format film and movie production is extensive, our involvement with hundreds of television commercial production work is as extensive, and you may find our technology being used in many IMAX productions world wide (Wildest Weather, Safari 3D, Brain Power, for example). We have an extensive list of movies which we have been involved in, and we also have ventured successfully into Game Cinematics and runtime Game Engine Design.

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We incorporate the latest ZPOOL ZFS technology into Debian Jesse Kernel 3.2.46 and install on the As..

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